paper packaging
Paper packaging is essential in our everyday life. Papers are useful for preserving our foods, protecting and carrying our everyday items and also adapted for gift-wrapping. Visit us and find the right packaging solutions. Paper packaging is not only trendy, it's also eco-friendly and, depending on the design, a pretty make-up for a product or just a transport aid. ETIVERA has a large selection of paper packaging materials.
Our range of paper packaging starts with small block bottom bags. Here you can choose from the variant with viewing window or without viewing window. The bags have the property of forming a standing surface when unfolding. The bottom of the bag offers a better stand on the shelf and is therefore very popular. Another advantage is the customer's view on the contents. Block bottom bags can also be labeled very well. Finished warehouse labels can be found here for all block bottom bags. If there is no label that suits your taste, we also like to produce the right label according to your specifications and wishes. To close the block bottom bags, you will find Plano clips in different lengths as well as re-closing rails.
Flat paper, which is available in various designs, is available as a wrapping paper. This is particularly suitable for packaging pastries or for screwing glass bottles. Furthermore, there is the greaseproof version with removable film or the parchment substitute variant. From parchment replacement paper you will also find in our program practical side gusseted bags, ideal for packaging of slightly greasy foods such as cheese, meat or other delicacies. Side gusseted bags are of course also available as classical paper bags.
Depending on the contents, we have a small variant with a capacity of approx. 1.5kg and 3kg and a large, multi-layer variant for up to 25 kg load capacity.
Paper bags are also referred to as flexible paper packaging. For carrier bags, you can choose between paper-cord handles and internal handles. We offer paper bags not only in brown and white paper, but also in wet-strength paper. Wet-resistant carrier bags are often used in the fruit area. On request, you can also have the paper bag printed to your desires. For some paper bags we also offer cardboard inserts to counteract the deformation of the floor and to give the bag additional stability.
Gift Carrier Bags, as the name implies are the icing on the cake if you're looking to enhance a gift or just look for a nice case for a product. You will surely find the right carrying case in our extensive range of paper packaging. Whether natural or in bold color, printed or occasion-related for Christmas - here you will find bags with different characteristics.
A special carrying case is certainly our cooling bag. It is convenient to keep cold cool and hot. Insulated bags are usually made of plastic and aluminum. We have the alternative: an insulated carrier bag made of 100% paper. The secret: wet inside - outside air. Its insulating properties are due to the development of an intelligent two-chamber system: after closing the inner bag, it forms an insulating air cushion that cools the temperature of the bag contents up to one hour - depending on the outside temperature - and / or keeps warm.
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paper packaging