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Our dropper bottles and jars are made of brown glass to protect essential oil products from sunlight and to help oil liquid products to keep longer. Our high-class cosmetic jars are desiged of a heavy bottom.  
In the field of health and beauty, cream jars, brown glass dropper bottles and cosmetic jars are practical packaging options made of glass. Light-protecting amber glass is preferred to transparent glass packaging as they ensure increased light protection for the product. For white glass jars, you can choose between clear and matt glass.
Glass is not only a rigid packaging, but also inert, which means that glass packaging is impermeable and tasteless and does not interfere with its contents. As a closure, you can choose bakelite (thermoset plastic based on phenolic resin) screw cap with the appropriate diameters. The smooth and cylindrical shape of the crucibles allows very good labeling.
The material glass has not only technical advantages. It has also got positive adjectives from the marketing point of view:  There is an increased appreciation of the end customer for products that are packed in glass. This trend has been noticeable for years, both in food packaging and cosmetics packaging. Another big advantage of glass is its unlimited recyclability. Waste glass is thus not an unpopular residue, but a sought-after raw material, which is recycled again and again.
The dropper bottles in our range are also made of amber glass to ensure increased sun protection. As a mouth variant, the dropper bottles are equipped with a GL 18 mouth. Depending on their content, dropper bottles can be equipped with different closures such as drip tray, atomizer pump or glass pipette.
Furthermore, you will find crucible made of white plastic including matching screw cap for creams, ointments, powders and other cosmetics and beauty products in our range.
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Dropper bottles and jars

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